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Yoglates is a unique combination of calisthenics, yoga, and Pilates . We also offer a 45-minute, fast-paced, high-powered workout. All of our classes are performed in our heated studio to not only elevate the heart rate, providing cardiovascular benefits, but to make muscles become more pliable and less likely to pull or become injured. The heat also allows the exerciser to hold the poses for a longer period of time.

“Just When You Thought You Were In Shape!”

One Yoglates II class is equivalent to:
a.) 60 minutes of resistance training,
b.) 60 minutes of cardiovascular training, AND
c.) 60 minutes of stretching.

This is, quite simply, the single most effective use of one’s time for anybody wanting the total body workout.


No matter the shape you’re in or may not be in, this is for you! Often times, people think they need to get in shape first before trying Yoglates II. This is not true! Everyone starts from the beginning no matter what shape you’re in. We never master this; the body will always continue to challenge us.

You will experience

numerous benefits once you start practicing: stress relief, increase in core strength, and a longer and leaner body, just to name a few! You can easily burn up to 700 calories in one class!

You never know

who might be on a mat next to you! It isn’t uncommon for our studio to be filled with members ranging from 12 years to 78 years old. Our members are from all ages, lifestyles and shapes. We have high school, college and professional athletes, car–pool Moms and workaholic Dads!

You’ll want

to bring a Yoga mat, water bottle, towel and an open mind! Dress in something you feel good in and will be comfortable moving the body in many different positions.


This subject is very close to the heart of owner & instructor, April Hill. She practiced diligently while pregnant with both of her children. She has no doubt that is why her labor, delivery and postpartum were so smooth. However, April had been practicing for years before learning she was pregnant. This is not something we’d recommend to a pregnant woman to start new that has never done Yoglates II before, as with any exercise program.