Journey to 100:

Attend 100 Classes June 1st – September 28th and you’ll be AMAZED at the physical and mental benefits you’ll experience along the journey. ┬áRoutine changes weekly, targeting all muscle groups and you never get bored! This challenge is broken down into 4 quarters to keep you engaged and celebrate the 25 class accomplishments following each quarter (prizes to be won!). If you don’t attend 25 classes in each quarter ~ no small prize is won but you still remain in the challenge to win the Grand Prize by attending a total of 100 classes by September 28th.

Let’s get your game plan going and Save The Date ~ September 28th, we will honor all winners!
*Contact our Members Services team today to learn more and sign up! 225-771-8175
*Cannot attend more than 2 classes per day.

40 Day Shred:

New to Yoglates and excited to dive in? This CHALLENGE is for YOU!

This challenge is designed for new clients. This package is $139.00 and begins with a private meeting/assessment with our Member Services Coordinators. We also provide goal setting, action plan creation, measurements and before / after photos.

*Cannot attend more than 2 classes per day.