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Hi Everyone, my name is April Hill, welcome to my Website and Blog. I want you to know that everything you see here is straight from my heart and keeps me going. First, the things I treasure most are my Lord, family, friends and YOGLATES! What else could you want in life, and, in South Louisiana. After trying many types of Yoga and fitness classes I finally found the Yoglates 2 workout. I immediately fell in love with this type of workout and it consumed all of my thoughts and literally every breath of my day. Practicing regularly helped me with life’s many challenges like occasional stresses of work, grief, Etc.

5 years later, by the grace of God and the support of my Husband we opened Yoglates 2 South. We are standing strong after 5 years and are looking forward to 2016.

Here is a little about me to help you make that personal connection. I’m a small town girl, raised not far in a one stop light town, in Louisiana called Albany. I attended Albany High School, (where I met my best friend and am thankful that she is still my dear friend since 1996) where I was a cheerleader and ran track. I love all things old and get this honest from my Mamma. You name it, jewelry, houses, and furnishings ~ if it comes with a history I’m going to be fond of it. I love to restore, refurbish, remodel and I guess this goes hand in hand with my passion for Yoglates. I believe it’s never too late, or one is too old to begin having purpose again. Once our time in Albany was over, my family relocated to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. After 5 years there and starting my professional career, I met my husband.  Here we are 14 and a half years later, with 2 beautiful girls , and our local homegrown business, Yoglates 2 South.

IMG_1379During my early years of marriage I often struggled with finding that happy place to exercise. At the gym, I could never figure out how the machines worked and found myself more distracted than getting a workout. I tried a few aerobics classes, but the air conditioning was on and fans were blowing… that was not fun. I wasn’t the biggest fan of running either. After an eventful kick boxing class with my husband I was definitely tired of searching for the right exercise median for my life. Some how I stumbled upon a Yoglates 2 class and the rest is history.

Every Yoglates work out is 60 minutes with the exception of our 5:15 am classes (45 mins.) It works every muscle in your body. I love it so much because of how great everyone feels after the workout. Our members talk about feeling great for hours on end as well as the addition of “mental clarity”.   Our members range from 9 year olds to over 70 years in age, so it is definitely a workout enjoyed by all ages as well as males and females.

IMG_1385Other than being happily married and having 2 beautiful children, some of my favorite accomplishments are: having been selected “The Best of 225 awards” for best workout in Baton Rouge, La. Selected by Baton Rouge Area Business Report “Top 40 under 40 business owners” in Baton Rouge , and now have been selected by Greater Baton Rouge Cancer Services as “Best Dressed”. Owning your own business you often don’t receive a pat on the back so when I am recognized by my community, and local business owners, it means a lot to me. These honors bless my heart deeply because I know without a doubt I’m doing what God designed me to do.

Thank you so much for following my blog and I will do the best to provide updates and tidbits to help you with your fitness goals.

To learn more about our workouts check out our You Tube Page, where you will see NFL Athletes, Pro Golfers, Miss Baton Rouge and many more testimonies about our workouts. Go to You Tube and Search Yoglates 2 South!

If you are ever in the Baton Rouge area and can come to a class we would love to have you.

Yoglates 2 South, 728 Highlandia, Baton Rouge, LA


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May God Bless you each and every day!


April N. HIll